Monday, August 1, 2011

"NOT" Back to School Curriculum Week

Not Back to School Blog Hop

I will be joining in with fellow Homeschool bloggers this week over at to talk about curriculum choices. This will be our first year homeschooling kindergarten. We have unofficially homeschooled for Pre-K but it is nothing fancy. EJ will be starting on August 15 for the start of the school year! She is extremely excited. Bubba will be starting a little something to keep him busy as well.

EJ is currently enrolled through Seton Home Study School for the school year. This means that we are doing all courses through them. Each nine weeks I send in certain pieces of work that they have asked for. I can either Scan it into the computer or Mail it in. I will be scanning. They will in turn keep it in her records and also provide her with a grade for each subject. The wonderful thing about Seton is once she gets in the higher grades they will do the grading and keep track of everything for me. Another wonderful thing is that Seton is Certified through the Department of Education so if she graduates from them she will receive a Diploma not just a GED. This will in turn look better on her College Applications. Most of our Subjects are Seton material with a little extras added in here and there.

Religion: Seton Kindergarten Catechism for Young Catholics We will also be using My Jesus and I, Catholic Coloring Books, Leading Little ones to Mary, and many Saint Joseph Picture Books.

Mathematics: Seton Math One for Young Catholics
Not sure where she got her Math Skills from (Seth and I both hate math) but she has moved on up into first Grade Math.

Phonics: Seton Kindergarten Phonics for Young Catholics Volumes 1 and 2.
We will also be supplementing with Preschool Prep meet the Site Words 1,2, &3. We have DVD's, Flash Cards, and Easy Readers. We also will be using BOB books and anything else I can come across.

Handwriting: Kindergarten Handwriting for Young Catholics
Not much extra to Supplement here except tons and tons of practice!

Science: Kindergarten Science for Young Catholics

P.E/Health: This is not provided through Seton so we are using our own Stuff. I have a book that I got for 50 cents when our local used bookstore went out of business. i am pulling health topics from it. I haven't started planning past the first week but for the first two weeks we will be learning about Posture. For P.E EJ plays Soccer and is in Gymnastics so this will pretty much take care of that.

Music: Each week we will be learning a new song and also learning to Sign it. Emery will also be using My First Piano Adventure for the Young Beginner. This is written by Faber Piano Adventures. I will be teaching her myself.
My First Piano Adventure
Art: My preschooler will be doing a theme each week. Since it will be much easier for them both to do the same project she will be following his theme. First Week is Turtles. They will be making Rock Turtles.

Bubba will be following Confessions of a Homeschooler K-3 Curriculum. We are going to do the letters in order that EJ will be doing for Handwriting. Their First week will be the Letter T for Turtle. He will also be following along with her for things like Science, Music, PE/Health, ETC. He will want to "help" when we do activities so this will be a great way for him to learn. For Religion we are using Seton Religion for Young Catholics: Pre-Kindergarten. This goes in the same order as Kindergarten Catechism but a little easier to understand. He will also be doing many of the Same Coloring Books that EJ will be doing for Religion.


  1. Hooray! Another Catholic! My little ones are all also 4 and under. (4, 2 1/2, and 10 months.) I am not sure when or how to start more formal schooling-how did you decide this was the year? You will have to let me know what you think of the Seton prgram.

  2. Amy: I said the exact same thing when I clicked over here from the blog hop!!

    It looks like EJ and Bubba are going to ave a great year!

  3. Looks like a great year! I have been having a blast reading everyone's curriculum choices for this year :-)

  4. EJ has been schooling since she was 2 1/2 informal I should add. We might do school everyday for a few weeks (this being like thirty minutes a day) and then drop off for like a month. It was whatever she wanted to do. A few months ago I decided that I would go ahead and start Kindergarten for her this year. She will be five in January. She is on a kindergarten grade level for everything but Math. math she is on a 1st grade level. I think I knew she was ready when I could see her paying attention for longer periods. Usually around age 3 she would start losing interest around the thirty minute mark. Now as long as we change subjects every thirty minutes she keeps going and her mind stays with me! I truly believe I am going to enjoy Seton. It is planned out enough that I don't feel overwhelmed trying to plan it all myself but still leaves room for me to fit it to my own families needs. next week is our first week so we will see how it goes!