Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Not back to School Week: School Rooms

Finally the room is ready to go! I should of taken a before picture so you could see the mess! Our school room happens to be the eat in area of our kitchen. Since we live in a fairly small house with only two bedrooms we have to make do. I wanted a more formal area for school since it is our first year. I wanted it to kind of feel like school to my kids. Luckily the way I set it up we still have our table to eat dinner at. our kitchen is set up in the shape of a peninsula. We have bar stools on one side to eat at as well. That is where the kids eat breakfast and Lunch. I would of taken a picture but since I spent all my time cleaning and putting together the school area I didn't have time to do the dishes :D So no pics of that! The blue and pink containers on the left hand side of the pic are sitting on top of one of the bar stools so that should show you where the kitchen stops and the dining/school area starts.Ignore the Blinds our dog tore them up trying to look outside and we haven't replaced yet. On the wall we have our Calendar System which I will talk more about later and our World Map. We will be using that with Confessions of a homeschooler's Expedition Earth. I cant wait to start using this curriculum! Over the windows we are going to hang a line to put up all the crafts we do along the way.
The Doorway in the next pic takes you to our living room. We store all our Art supplies, puzzles, odds and ends, etc. in the china cabinet. All the workbooks, reading books, etc. are on the bookshelf. Luckily since we are just starting out we don't have too many books so one bookshelf is doable. I am sure as the years progress we will be adding more! Our desks were bought from Craigslist for $5 a piece including the Chairs. The dry erase board is attached to the front of the china cabinet with velcro dots. This way I can remove it to get into the cabinet and put it back when needed.
This Calendar System is made possible through Confessions of a Homeschooler. Can you tell I LOVE this women. She is amazing at her abilities. We have our Calendar up where the kids will put the day up each morning. they will also put up the weather for the day. they will put the day of the week up and also show what today, Yesterday and Tomorrow are. The Circle Shows the Seasons. The Square on the Top left is our Address, Phone number, and emergency Contacts for the kids to learn. I cant wait to start using this! The cork board is just something my grandmother had hanging around her house that has a sticky back. I just stuck it straight to the wall.

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