Friday, August 26, 2011

Week one in Art!

My Kids LOVE art! Anything that has to do with using their imagination they are all for. The past Post I pictured our big art project which was the Rock Turtles but figured I would also post some of the smaller things they did this week. Bubba did most of it because EJ has more bookwork seeing as she is in Kindergarten. She Loves the bookwork though! Very Proud of Bubba's Fine Motor Skills with his pictures. Didn't realize how far along he had come!

Our Do a Dot Letter T's. If you do not own Do a Dots you need to. These are the best thing ever! Both Bubba and EJ love to "Paint" with them. Since it is minimal mess I dont mind letting them!
Bubba's Do a Dot Turtle. We learned a lot about turtles this week!
Bubba's Do a Dot Monster. Evertime he sees it he goes Rahrrrr!
EJ's Neighborhood. This Week we learned about where we live. She did a great job drawing a map of our little neighborhood. Our house is in the middle. The neighbor to the right is a wonderful older couple that my kids have adopted as grandparents. She drew their garage and backyard because that is where she likes to play. There actually is a little road in between our houses that is a dead end. the house to the left of ours is a family with a 5 year old and a 7 year old. She drew a book on top of their house because she said they have lots of books. Our house is orange and she grew our grass green because "daddy mows it all the time." we have a flag on top of our house because "we have a flag at our house."

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