Thursday, November 10, 2011

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Monday, October 3, 2011

We're going on a mushroom hunt

We LOVE Nature Walks. This past week we decided to go on a mushroom hunt around out yard. We have enough of them that's for sure! We didn't even get pictures of all the ones there. EJ took all the pics except the one of herself. I think she did an awesome job! We also drew pictures of the mushrooms we saw. Hopefully this week we can make a trip to Cedar Rock Park and hike to the water fall!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Tucker Academy

We were outside A LOT this week! the weather was so nice we couldn't pass it up. We went on nature walks around our house, identifying the trees that we saw. We even saved a few leaves and brought them in for our nature center.
Emery doing a Math Worksheet
A little late but these are our first day of school pics.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 3 Tucker Fun!

We had a great week! on Saturday we went on a field trip to the Air Show. Bubba is crazy about planes at the moment so he was seriously in Heaven! EJ took her first math test this week. It was on Addition. She scored a 100! We also learned about China this week. We read a bunch of different books on China, made Chinese fans, learned to write Chinese numbers, and even ate Chinese Food!

EJ, Bubba, Me, and baby on my back!
My big boy! He loved sitting on a real airplane!
Climbing up!
One of the many planes we saw.
we were fortunate enough to have my grandfather tag along with us. the unfortunate part was losing him amongst 40,000 people for about 2 hours. I knew better than to let him out of my sight. It was my wonderful husband who didn't know. :) I still love him!
They See a plane!
Bubba getting ready to draw me a picture.
EJ and her Chinese numbers on the left.
Mickey and Minnie mouse are ready for School!
Phonics. EJ's Worst Subject.
Showing off her Score 100
the wonderful math test
Addition Review

Letter Bb
bubba working on the letter Bb
Sorting out the Big B little b

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Week 2 in the Tucker Household!

(Little Surprise at the end of this post. Make sure you turn the music off at the bottom of the page so you can enjoy it!)

This week was an odd week. Monday my nephew was with us so we skipped school. Which meant we schooled on Friday. No big deal that is what that extra day is for. Of course Bubba Joined in when ever he wanted nothing formal. We worked on B is for Butterfly.
Bubba Painting his Butterfly
EJ Painting her Butterfly
Both of my Beautiful babies painting their butterflies.
EJ working on Phonics
EJ coloring B is for Bethlehem
Bubba working on Pre-writing Practice.

EJ being silly like always. Advantage of homeschooling? you can wear whatever you want to the classroom... Even your Gymnastic Leo. No we did not have gymnastics this day she just wanted to wear it!

I am so Proud of EJ for all she has put in to her work! She still wakes up wanting to do schoolwork. She Absolutely Loves new things! The next three clips are a few prayers she has learned along the way. I hope you enjoy them just as much as we do!
EJ Reciting the Glory Be
EJ Reciting Hail Mary!
EJ Reciting Our Father

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Weekly Homeschool Wrap up

I do have to say that our Week went awesome! EJ and Bubba both loved every bit of it. They both did well with all of their lessons. Bubba's "lessons" are a little more laid back seeing as he is quite young still. he comes and goes throughout the day pulling out one of his puzzles, worksheets, etc. I just have them readily available when he wants to do it. EJ is more scheduled. we usually do about 2 hours of work throughout the day. these 2 hours are sliced up between helping Bubba, Taking care of the baby, cooking, etc. Our Schedule goes in a certain order though.
  • Opening (morning prayer,Pledge of Allegiance, and Calendar Time)
  • Religion
  • Phonics (book work)
  • Math (book work)
  • Art
  • Phonics (Meet the sight words DVD's,Flashcards, and easy readers)
  • Geography
  • Math (remaining book work if there is any)
  • Handwriting
  • Piano
We always start our Day off with the Lord. My children know that he is the most important thing in our lives and that everything needs to be started by praising him.

Our Phonics is all Review right now as she already knew the beginning work for K Phonics. We are just going over it again to make sure she remembers.

Math starts with writing out numbers 1-12. Then we move on to worksheets. EJ actually loves worksheets. she loves the feeling she gets when she completes them and sees how wonderful her work is.

Then we have art where we either have an art project of some sort to work on or we do color pages or something fun.

Then we use Meet the Sight words. We will watch the DVD (if EJ still needs practice) then go over the flashcards and read a few easy readers.

Next is Geography. Each day changes to something else. Next week we will be learning about china. I am sure EJ will enjoy it tons!

Next we will finish up any math sheets we didn't get finished before. Since Emery is doing 1st grade Math I don't want her to get frustrated. If I see her starting to get frustrated we will stop and resume it later on in the day when she can start fresh.

Handwriting is also review right now. She can write all of her letters but I want to make sure she does them correctly. If she learns them incorrectly she will most likely have trouble when it comes time for cursive writing.

lastly is Piano. This is EJ's favorite time of the day. She loves the piano and has wonderful posture!

On Fridays we throw in Science at some point in the day. This week we did Sink or float. Daddy joined in and they all had a blast!
Little miss Priss Pot!
Calendar Time!
Geography working on our World Booklet ME ON THE MAP
EJ reviewing Money
Counting the money
Daddy explaining Sink or float
Did it Sink Bubba?
Two adorable children!!!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Week one in Art!

My Kids LOVE art! Anything that has to do with using their imagination they are all for. The past Post I pictured our big art project which was the Rock Turtles but figured I would also post some of the smaller things they did this week. Bubba did most of it because EJ has more bookwork seeing as she is in Kindergarten. She Loves the bookwork though! Very Proud of Bubba's Fine Motor Skills with his pictures. Didn't realize how far along he had come!

Our Do a Dot Letter T's. If you do not own Do a Dots you need to. These are the best thing ever! Both Bubba and EJ love to "Paint" with them. Since it is minimal mess I dont mind letting them!
Bubba's Do a Dot Turtle. We learned a lot about turtles this week!
Bubba's Do a Dot Monster. Evertime he sees it he goes Rahrrrr!
EJ's Neighborhood. This Week we learned about where we live. She did a great job drawing a map of our little neighborhood. Our house is in the middle. The neighbor to the right is a wonderful older couple that my kids have adopted as grandparents. She drew their garage and backyard because that is where she likes to play. There actually is a little road in between our houses that is a dead end. the house to the left of ours is a family with a 5 year old and a 7 year old. She drew a book on top of their house because she said they have lots of books. Our house is orange and she grew our grass green because "daddy mows it all the time." we have a flag on top of our house because "we have a flag at our house."