Sunday, September 11, 2011

Week 3 Tucker Fun!

We had a great week! on Saturday we went on a field trip to the Air Show. Bubba is crazy about planes at the moment so he was seriously in Heaven! EJ took her first math test this week. It was on Addition. She scored a 100! We also learned about China this week. We read a bunch of different books on China, made Chinese fans, learned to write Chinese numbers, and even ate Chinese Food!

EJ, Bubba, Me, and baby on my back!
My big boy! He loved sitting on a real airplane!
Climbing up!
One of the many planes we saw.
we were fortunate enough to have my grandfather tag along with us. the unfortunate part was losing him amongst 40,000 people for about 2 hours. I knew better than to let him out of my sight. It was my wonderful husband who didn't know. :) I still love him!
They See a plane!
Bubba getting ready to draw me a picture.
EJ and her Chinese numbers on the left.
Mickey and Minnie mouse are ready for School!
Phonics. EJ's Worst Subject.
Showing off her Score 100
the wonderful math test
Addition Review

Letter Bb
bubba working on the letter Bb
Sorting out the Big B little b

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