Friday, April 8, 2011

Seven Quick Takes Friday #2


Today has been such a relaxed day! My Mother in Law took EJ and Bubba last night and has had them all day today. We have relaxed today and paid a few bills, taken in the beauty outside and how nice it is! I love my Babies but every once in a while it is nice to have a little break.


Finished up one awesome book last night. I definitely will be doing a book review on this book. I started Reading The Shack a few nights ago and have been engulfed in it ever since. Since reading this book I have a stronger Faith then I have ever had. I feel closer to God because of it. It will probally be a few days before the review gets up because I have a feeling it will be a long one. I look at the trinity in new light now and understand better than I ever have!


Tonight our church is having a fish fry so i get the night off from cooking! YAY! luckily though they will have cheese pizza as well since I doubt my kids would eat the fish. I have tried but they just don't want it. I can get them to eat some popcorn shrimp every now and then by persuading them that it is chicken.


I love how much my Oldest daughter loves her baby sister. She is always wanting to take care of her. I have caught her a few times picking her up and carrying her around! scares me to death but I know she is just trying to be a mommy. I will wake up in the morning and she will have crawled in bed with us and lays beside the Baby.


I didn't have many of EJ's outfits left from when she was a baby but I had a few and she thinks its the coolest thing when JAJ wears her clothes! Here is one of the few she wore as a baby. I need to find a pic of her in the outfit so I can see them side by side.


I am getting ready to order JAJ's Easter Basket. My Grandmother ordered EJ's and Bubbas a few years ago and i really want her to have a matching one. I love the fact that they are personalized and fun for the kids as well. Can't wait to go Easter Egg hunting this year. the kids will have a blast! here is theirs from last year.


What are your plans this Easter? I usually would have a big Easter get together at my house but this year we are swamped. Since Easter is falling late our anniversary is Good Friday. WE always go to the beach for our anniversary so we will be gone until Saturday before Easter. Then Saturday night we have the Big Easter Vigil and Easter Morning we will take the kids back for Easter Mass. I decided to opt out of it this year and let someone else do all the work and we would just participate!


  1. New follower from Unsocialized homeschoolers Week in Review. I really like this post. It's wonderful!! Glad you got some time "off" to relax. It's always needed.

    Our kids are not fans of fish either. But they do like popcorn shrimp...well all but one. I just never know I don't serve them fish. My hubby isn't a fan either (even though I am).

    If you get a chance, visit us sometime.

    Have a great week