Monday, April 11, 2011

Multitude Monday

This week has been a very inspirational week. I fill as if my heart has opened up to my Lord more than ever. Between feeding the homeless, finishing an awesome book, confession, and our last RCIA class before we are initiated I am feeling overwhelmed with Joy that I can say I Love my God more than I did yesterday, and Tomorrow I will say the same. I grow in our relationship every single day!

12. Grateful for friends. especially the new ones from RCIA.

13. Grateful for calm after the storm. In our life and the real storms

14. Grateful for Education. That my children can learn in a controlled environment

15. Grateful for the Crucifix. Everyday we have a reminder of exactly what Jesus did for us!

16. Grateful for Siblings. They will always have a best friend!

17. Grateful for Vacation. Its coming in Four days!

18. Grateful for family pets. they keep my children occupied and our hearts warm.

19. Grateful for Nap time. so I can have alone time or even a nap on some days!

20. Grateful for Nature. That my children have a clean environment to play.

21. Grateful for our Military. They do way more than they our rewarded for!

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