Friday, June 24, 2011

Elon Farmer's Market

Yesterday was an ultra busy day! The kids and I (with my hubby's help) baked brownies and a bunch of different types of muffins, bagged them up, and headed over to our local farmer's market for kid's day. We set up a table and got to selling! They actually made out with some good dough! They made a total of $21 and came home with only three bags of muffins. there were a total of 24 to start with! They had fun and it was a great way
to help teach EJ all about money. She did really good! I was very proud at how
quickly she caught on. Of course I priced everything at $1 to make it easy for her. At one point a lady handed her a $5 bill and she gave her correct change back without me helping!

The Butterfly Lady made a visit while we were there. She taught the children about the life cycle of a butterfly, how to tell the difference between a moth and butterfly, and released some butterflies. EJ was her helper and got to dress up as a butterfly. We also bought some of her caterpillars and will let them live their cycle in our butterfly tent. If you are interested in her caterpillars she offers them free as long as you pay shipping/handling. Her caterpillars will turn into beautiful Painted Lady (Vanessa cardui) Butterflies! This is ten times cheaper than buying them from Insect Lore.

All in all we had a blast! We did have a brownie thief while we were there though. He got caught red handed!!! Or should I say chocolate handed!

And just so you know the little one doesn't get left out here is that beautiful little girl! She was an angel the whole day just like always!

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