Saturday, May 9, 2009

Blogging our life

So yea, what the heck why not? Time to keep track of our life and how fast our weeds are growing. A little about us. We are Transplants of Charleston, SC where my better half is either fighting fires or running from AIDS infested Homeless people. I myself does everything else.. Or Atleast I like to pretend that I do. :) I wipe noses, change poopy diapers, feed hungry mouths, wash diapers, wash clothes, make dinner, straighten the house. Then I start all over the next day. Exciting isnt it?!?

Next in line is Emery. AKA/Internet Name: EJ. She is one interesting toddler. getting close to 2 1/2 years old now she runs full blast all day, then passes out like her daddy at night. we are definately going through the terrible twos right now. having issues with screaming at the top of our lungs when we don't get our way, and doing what we have been told not to do, a gatrillion times, over and over agian. But, We are learning that when mommy starts counting. 1..... We better do what we are supposed to do. When not flipping out over the dumbest stuff She is the sweetest little girl you will ever meet. Loves to give really really big hugs and kisses. has a new found love for her stuffed Baby Jaguar. She also thanks to the little baby jaguar, dora, and diego can count to 10 in spanish all by herself but has yet to accomplish it in english. Gotta love that. Ask her daddy how much he loves it. Potty training is going great. We can peepee and sometimes poop in the potty while at home and in our birthday suit but when going out we dont know what to do about that yet. It will come though!

Last in line (for now!) is Bryson. AKA/Internet name: Bry. He is your not so typical 7 month old. He is extremely high needs and loves his mommy. He will fuss all day long but I have learned to get used to it. Daddy is still learning and will probally never catch on. He loves the boob, and is cranky when in paper diapers. Not sure why but I figured this out after spending 3 weeks in myrtle beach and he was a terror, get home and he was fine! :) lately his favorite things are his big sissy who can always make him laugh and peas. He loves to stuff his mouth with Peas. He can also army crawl now. want be long and he will be really crawling.

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  1. Yay, family page! The kids are growing sooo much. They are adorable!