Sunday, October 18, 2009

LHTH Week 2 (Noah's Ark)

This week lasted a little longer than usual. Bryson was sick with a bad ear infection in the middle of it so we took a few days off. My camera battery went dead as well and we realized that the battery charger for it was left at our old house so we had to buy a new one. :(

We started the week off learning about the letter B and Noah's Ark. Emery loved the Finger play this week.

Two Big bears got of the boat,
the rains came down and the boat did float;
The animals played and played;
and noah heard the big bears say,
Gerrr! Gerrr! Gerrr!

It goes on to do Big bears, beavers, baboons, birds, etc. But for some reason her favorite was the baboons so we did it over and over agian.

We then learned more about noahs ark and did a paper plate craft I got off of here:

She loved making this and putting the animals in!

We also did a rainbow craft. We tore up Construction paper and glued it to a rainbow. We Also painted the letter B, and made our B road (like we did for A). And of course we did worksheets!

And just becuase I think she is so cute here is a video of her counting to 10!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Monday, October 5, 2009

LHTH week 1 (Letter A)

We just finished up week one of Little Hands to Heaven.. I have to say that it went extremely well! Emery loved school everyday and learned so much in just a few days. We finished in 3 days instead of 5! Now we are on to Week 2. A little about what she did this week:
We are using in Conjunction to LHTH School Zone's Big Preschool Workbook.I chose this particular workbook because it was a really good price and it gave me all I needed in one book instead of buying many different workbooks. I am actually really pleased with it! I tear out all the Sheets we will be doing for the week and keep them together and when she is ready for one I give her one.

I don't follow a certain schedule of what to do on what day. instead I make a list at the beginning of the week of all the activities I would like for EJ to Accomplish during that week. Then as we go along i see what she might be interested in at the time. I then will check them off as I go. This seems to work well because she has times where she wants to just color instead of listening to a story or vise versa. Sometimes this might take us a whole week to complete then some might take us a few days. I also add on this list books that I will be checking out from the library. I take advantage of the online catalog to see what they have so that I know what I am going for. I add snacks that start with this certain letter and theme words as well.

So As you can see I don't JUST use LHTH. I use LHTH as a base for our day and what to follow with what bible story, finger play and ETC. but I add in so much more.

Our Week 1:

Emery loved the Finger play. We learned about Adam and Eve and how God made the universe. Our finger play was A-A-A Adam! Can you believe? God made the Animals; and you and me! She loved it. There was more to it but with her being younger I kept it short so she would have an easier time memorizing it. So now when we say what sound does the letter A make? she says " A-A-A Adam!" I am going to try and get it on Video tomorrow and post for everyone to see.

We Drew on White paper with a white crayon, then painted over it with watered down black tempera Paint to show how God made everything out of nothing. She really enjoyed this project.Another Art Activity we did was a Cheerio A. Emery Glued Cheerios to the Letter A.We also made an "A" Road. I used masking Tape and put an A on the floor where Emery took toy cars and road them down the road. You could also improvise and have your child walk their stuffed animals on the A. We did many more Activities including Hide and Seek A where Emery had to find all the A's on a page, Count on Me Caterpillar where she drew "1" Caterpillar in Each home (working on the number 1), The tree of life where we looked through a magazine and found a picture of 1 tree to paste to the number one page. This will soon make a numbers book from 1-1o. Our color was red so we colored with a red crayon all over a white piece of paper then walked around the house finding things that were red. We also played a game where we pretended a belt was a serpent and we have to run and jump over it so it wouldn't get us. Emery loved this and thought it was a lot of fun.

We read our Devotion out of Big Thoughts for Little People. Each week's Devotion is by the Letter. This wee was Letter A of course. A is for Asking. It was about praying to God and asking him for things when we needed them.We used a CD that is used throughout LHTH called The Singing Bible. It is a Focus on the Family CD and has over 50 songs about the bible. Emery loves this CD and puts in herself and listens to it throughout the Day.