Sunday, October 18, 2009

LHTH Week 2 (Noah's Ark)

This week lasted a little longer than usual. Bryson was sick with a bad ear infection in the middle of it so we took a few days off. My camera battery went dead as well and we realized that the battery charger for it was left at our old house so we had to buy a new one. :(

We started the week off learning about the letter B and Noah's Ark. Emery loved the Finger play this week.

Two Big bears got of the boat,
the rains came down and the boat did float;
The animals played and played;
and noah heard the big bears say,
Gerrr! Gerrr! Gerrr!

It goes on to do Big bears, beavers, baboons, birds, etc. But for some reason her favorite was the baboons so we did it over and over agian.

We then learned more about noahs ark and did a paper plate craft I got off of here:

She loved making this and putting the animals in!

We also did a rainbow craft. We tore up Construction paper and glued it to a rainbow. We Also painted the letter B, and made our B road (like we did for A). And of course we did worksheets!

And just becuase I think she is so cute here is a video of her counting to 10!

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