Sunday, December 20, 2009

2 months?!?

I have Neglected this blog for two months now!! Time have been busy... On Thanksgiving we had a pretty decent size Thanksgiving party here at our house and decorated it just how my grandmother would want it done! That evening we went to visit with some family where Emery and Bryson were able to play with there cousins Danica, Jaxson, and Joshua.
we are now settling in to the festivities of Christmas. unfortunately Church was canceled Yesterday and we missed our Christmas service but we will celebrate it throughout the week along with the church service sunday after christmas. Why was church canceled? It Actually snowed here!! We get a pretty good snow once a year but this one was beautiful!! Last Week our children sang to the church and Emery did a fantastic job. I was worried that she wouldnt want to stand up there but she did great! she is the farthest little girl to the right in the burgandy dress.

HomePreSchool has been postponed until after the holidays.. One of the many many reasons why I love homeschooling. we have played many ABC games the past couple of months and learned in many other ways but our actual curriculum will be brought back out the first of january for all the Little Hands to heaven Followers!