Thursday, May 28, 2009

Suprise Bday party for me

Pictures from my Birthday Party


Bryson Playing us a song

Emery and her Cousin

Bryson and his Cousins

My Childhood best friend Samantha and Alex.

The Cake

4 Generations: My Grandmother, Emery, Me, and my Mom

The Cooks: Brian, Tim, PawPaw Tucker, PawPaw Timmy, Seth, and Uncle Martin

The Corn Hole Pro's: Seth and Rob

Rob and my Big Brother Nick

Can't wait to get home to my babysitters: Makayla and Natalie

Aunt Judy and Mom-Mom

My Daddy and Sara

Captain Hurdle and Linda

The Tent

Kara back in the background, my Grandmother, Grandfather, and Bry.

My daddy, Grandmother, mom, me, Grandma Campbell, and Sara

Makayla and Emery

Aunt Net and Bry

Bry cutting that tooth

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

new things for bryson

Now we have a 2nd tooth popping through! Not only that but we also army crawl all over the house, sit up all on our own, and can pull up onto our knees on furniture! little baby is growing up!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our New Blog

My bestie and I started our own little blog to help other moms become frugal and to help everyone get great deals on anything and everything. Go check it out and it updates daily! :)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Forgot to add.......

Bryson got his first tooth this morning!!!!!!!

Leaving your children unnattended results in Laughter!

So what happens when you leave your 2 year old unattended with the baby for one minute???

Apparantly Bubba needed a hat!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Evening with the Tucker's

Whats this for Daddy?!?

Oh Yum! I dip my cookies in it!

Passed out for the night....
.....and my other sleeping angel!


In an effort to downgrade our lives we are making a big change and moving back to our hometown. It has been in our hearts for a while now to stop worrying about the material parts of life and be a family. The past two months we have already made really big changes and they are showing not only in our kids but in ourselves as well. We no longer have game systems (not that they were played in the first place!) we downgraded to our 13' Tube TV, Got rid of furniture that was taking up space, Lowered the Toy volume in our home, and ridded our lives of internet and TV between 10 and 5. Right now that last part has been broken a little bit since we are in the middle of packing and need it every now and then. :)

We know that some people in our lives don't see things are way but thats okay becuase we are a family and we know what it is best for us and our children. One of the biggest changes we are making is moving out of our upscale urban, 1200 SQFT apartment in Charleston, SC and moving into a 600 SQFT two bedroom house in rural Gibsonville, NC. We don't need the space but what we do need is a huge yard and that is what we have! The yard is to die for, with lots of room for the kids to run around and play, lots of shade, and best yet lots of space for my herbs to grow outside instead of inside in a box, and now I have room for veggies! None of those materialistic things are going to heaven with us but the memories our kids will make with our families and outside in nature will and that is what we want.

Right how we have a lead on a position for seth back home but it isnt set in stone yet so we want bank on it until it does. The hardest choice in our decision was this and we contemplated it for a long time. We absolutely love Charleston and I love all the friends I have made here, and Seth doesnt wan't any job but the one he has. One problem with all that. Where do our children come into this? no where. We weren't putting them first. We weren't thinking of them when we snatched them away from there family who loves them dearly and the places that Seth and I grew up. We aren't thinking of them when we look into the school systems here in charleston and see how seriously behind they are compared to other states. We aren't thinking of them when we see that the crime rate is in the top 40 in SC and NC is no where close. We even werent thinking about them when we moved into an apartment where they have no where outside to run around and play. So our decision? Until we can find a job with benefits so our kids will have health insurance Seth is going to be working three shifts and coming home for a few days and doing it all over agian. a lot of traveling but still we will be saving money compared to what we pay in rent here. We are going to miss him dearly but we feel that this is where our kids need to be and we are going to do everything in our power to make them happy.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

My suprise Party

WOW! They pulled a big one over on me! We were supposed to go out to eat with the inlaws this evening and when we pulled up to pick Seth's Mother up A gazillion cars were there! Suprise on me! Anyways we had a blast with our family there. I will add pictures when I get some! :)
We decided to come home last wednesday for the week and are having a blast! The Day before yesterday we went to visit Amanda and her little family and that sweet little new baby bryleigh. Emery had so much fun having a water gun fight with Adiken and playing in his room!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our Day

This morning started off really really early for our house!! Bry decided 6:45 AM sounds like a good time to wake up and wake the rest of the house up. Anyways we had leftover Chocolate Chip Waffles and the bad mommy I am gave my 7 month old his own!

So afterwards we played for a while then headed to The Little Gym for EJ's Gym class. She was really good and listened to the teacher and did what she was supposed to do.

1 Whole Crazy minute with Emery!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Bread Machine Trial #2

So my next loaf I decided on a yummy Cinnamon Raisin Bread. I had to search for a while becuase I knew I wanted regular Milk, brown sugar, Cinn, and raisins in it, but most recipes either used dry milk or regular sugar. Finnally I came across a good one. It turned out perfect. I even set the crust setting on light to make it even more delectible. Gonna try out Tiffie's Honey Bread tomorrow! :)
Great Pawpaw's Hat!
The Look-a-likes

At the Beach on our Vacation

We have decided to tackle the fun of cleaning our carpets today. Let's see if we get through it without tearing each others heads off! :) The Dining room desperately needs it. Not sure why concidering we dont even eat in there but whatever. I am seriously thinking of turning it into a playroom and having the playroom all to myself to sew in! Doesnt go over very well with the hubby though. Too much clutter.

Oh well, gonna be adding some random photo of the kids over the next couple of days so stay tuned!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

I made some pretty thrifty thrift store finds today! Was able to go to Goodwill all alone while hubby kept the kids and came back with a sunbeam bread maker for $6! The bread tonight was okay but i am sure it will get better after trial and error with this rinky-dink little piece of machine. I also got a waffle maker that we will put to the test tomorrow for $3 and seth and I some shorts for the summer. All in all I came out only spending $20. can't beat those prices!